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Unit3d Pinball is a free Pinball Simulation Software developed by The French Pinball Team ( Louizou & BilboX ).
It's build with the Unity3d engine which uses Nvidia PhysX engine.
Table design is done using FuturePinball Editor by Christopher Leathley - BSP Software Design Solutions.
DMD and Segment displays are powered by tne Visual PinMAME emulator.

Feel free to help us using this Paypal donation system.

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new videos available
January 28th 2015

Two more tables will be available with BETA version

Black Knight



Enjoy !

January 17th 2015

* Player

 - DOF2 basic Support

 - Minimal Launcher option

 - Difficulty adjustments

 - Per table parameters

 - Mood options (ambiant and main light)

 - New Physics parameters:

   > Ball speed limit

   > Ball drag / angular drag

   > timescale / timestep / max timestep

   > Gravity

   > Per table physics file (no need in scripting anymore)

 - Collision meshes from FPM

 - File browser

 - VPM restart (in progress)

 - Dynamic flipper sound volume

 - Carved light extrusion fixed


* Scripting API / Table design

 - Whole Original table API

   > Table Specific options

   > Light sequencers imported from FPT

   > Music system

   > High scores system

   > STA

   > Reels

   > Segments

   > Blinking

   > ...

 - Default sound customizable/desactivable

 - Solenoids behaviour can be inverted

 - material.xml was not generated

 - Ballstack utility function not ease designing subway

 - Difficulty adjustments

 - Light importance (pixel/vertex) adjustable (improve performance)

 - PNG textures support


* Bugs fixed

 - Cab calibration ghosting effect

 - Cab calibration loading problem

 - D-Pad in joysticks

 - Physics parameters where not correctly loaded

 - Joystick buttons swapping when multiple joysticks used

 - Kickers orientation/depth now correct (harder to hit)

 - Incorrect holes in playfield

 - DMD missing line

 - Debug shot buttons now working

 - Front glass collision

 - Automatic window focus

 - Bllom saving problem fixed

 - Powered gates problem

 - Cab mode at loading

 - VPM refresh rate fixed

 - DirectQuit key disabled in input editor to prevent quiting while configuring

 - Texture offset problem

 - loading resources number fixed

 - Nudge improved a little bit



And a lot more, like all table physics/graphics reviewed, new tables coming, etc...

UP3D - Beta Coming soon - T2
January 12th 2015

UP3D - Beta Coming soon - T2

French PinbAll Team is back
August 6th 2014

Hi everybody, we are really sorry for the 3 past months.....We were not really involved in the project......

Relocation, new job, no more girlfriend for Bilbox !!

Lot of work, a surgery and even more work after that for Louizou.


But don't worry, we are back to business !!!!!


Stay tuned on VPF for more news

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